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When a restaurant is in the hands of an Italian chef, it is called "Ristorante". In the years Gioi della Bruna spent in the Italian Peninsula, he became a master of the Italian cuisine. Now he shares his secrets with Chicca, amazingly turning any dish in an exquisite experience.



Cooking was left behind at Chicca as we only offer unique Italian courses. Only gourmet ingredients are used in our kitchen, where the creativity of our chef mingles with the authentic taste of Italy.



Chicca also represents a delight for your sight. Starting from the idea that refined food is all that matters, we chose a modern and minimalist design, in pale and white shades. Enjoy your meals from the most beautiful spot in Bucharest: Chicca is located on the shore of Lake Herastrau.


Phone: +4 021 233 1973
Email: info@chicca.ro